"How many tired, tense, anxious people! STRESS is the evil of our century. This is what Simone, Wellbe's founder, thought when he ran into friends, relatives or people and their expressions and reactions revealed that enemy taking possession of their bodies and minds, tormenting them with recurring negative thoughts, family or work issues, leaving them totally stressed out.

For a long time he had been searching for something that could defeat that general uneasiness that was affecting everyone, including himself. One fine day he suddenly had an intuition: designing a “relax drink” to calm the mind and enable anyone to regain physical and mental wellbeing without having to resort to expensive and ineffective medication.

One day, chilling out after a lesson of a boating licence course, Simone told his story to his course mate Andrea who, sharing the same enthusiasm and excitement, asked him ""Why don’t we do it together?"". That is how they teamed up and immediately started working to create Wellbe.

A natural supplement to defeat everyday stress in a quick and easy way. After an in-depth study of the ingredients and countless experiments, the first Relax Drink has become a reality. An unrivalled product for a wealth of beneficial properties given by its natural ingredients, Wellbe has also obtained the VEGANOK certification.

A natural formula containing magnesium, griffonia, taurine, theanine, lemon balm, group B vitamins (B3/B5/B6 and B12) makes Wellbe the relax drink that can benefit your mental health in many different ways: it relieves tensions and improves focus, while providing a valuable sense of wellbeing and renewed freshness."

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